Class Descriptions

Peaceful Vinyasa

Become aware of breath as you connect it with movement, bringing yourself to the present moment. Moving through rounds of sun salutations as you flow from one pose to the next. We will increase our body temperature and pace of movement, while we ebb and flow with our breath before cooling down and ending in a well-deserved savasana. 

Hatha Yoga

Allow your mind to quiet and connect to your body with breath and movement.  This class will guide students safely through a slow flow of postures, with focus on building strength and stamina.  Modifications offered to accommodate all levels.


In this class, you will be guided through a mindful series of postures led by deep rhythmic breathing. The breath is the guide as you balance your energy, strengthen your body, and quiet your mind on the mat. The variety of postures and deep breathing will prepare your body for a blissful relaxation and meditation. 

Power Hour

This 60 minute invigorating Vinyasa style class is designed to generate heat, build strength, increase flexibility, and inspire your day.

Hot Detox Yoga

Join us for a hot class with mindfully sequenced poses that will detox, strengthen, and boost your immunity!

Renew, Relax, Restore

This is a 60 minute Restorative yoga class.  Restorative class is unlike any other yoga class offered.  It is minimum effort with maximum relaxation.  This class gives you the opportunity to unplug from the world and focus on self-care.  Give yourself the gift of an hour of relaxing and renewing restoration.  Props (bolsters, blocks, and blankets) are utilized to allow complete relaxation of your mind and body.  We have sanitized props available for use.  If possible, please bring a large pillowcase for the bolsters.  Of course, if you have any props, you are invited to bring them.

Yin & Restore

This 60 minute class gives you the best of both worlds.  For the first 30 minutes you will be shown yin poses, which bring you into asanas for deep fascial/muscular stretch and release.  Yin poses are held 3-5 minutes in order to create the desired change in your body.  For the last 30 minutes, it's all about relaxation.  There will be no effort and neutral sensations.  Restorative poses are held 5-7 minutes and are truly about your comfort.  Both yin and restorative utilize props.  We have sanitized props available for use.  If possible, please bring a large pillow case for the bolsters.  Of course, if you have any props, you are invited to bring them.

Begin & Begin Again

This class is for beginners AND for those who do not have a daily practice and want to return to yoga.  This 60 minute class will start slow with some gentle stretches and small movements.  Then we will move into sun salutations, lunges, twists and some basic balancing poses.  We will focus on our breath with gentle movements.  This "flavor" of yoga is a great way to try something new.  You are never expected to do anything that could cause pain.  As always, please listen to your body.  We may utilize some props.  We have sanitized props available for use.  If possible please bring a large pillowcase for the bolsters.  Of course, if you have any props, you are invited to bring them.

Rise & Shine Vinyasa


The sunrise brings us the beginning of endless possibilities.  Wake up your body with stretches, sun salutations, and the flow of the morning.  Embrace the sunrise and feel your body and mind unfold with grace, calmness, and endless possibilities.

Flow to Ebb

This class welcomes all vibes as we discover our power throughout this unique combination of two styles of yoga- Vinyasa and Yin.  
The Vinyasa (action) will energize your body with strength and balance.  It will enliven the flow of the connection between your body and mind.
The Yin (stillness) stretches your connective tissues with slow, passive poses designed to work your fascia, muscles, and joints; along with the assistance of props (props are our best friends) and will leave you with a deep sense of flexibility and relaxation.
At the end of class, you will leave feeling strong, balanced, stretched, and relaxed.

Balance Basics/ Core & Plank

This 60 minute class focuses on combining breath with balance to cultivate your inner calm.  This mindful practice will help you to settle into your strength as you connect your breath to a series of balance postures and core strengthening movements.

Rise Up & Flow Down

This 60 minute class begins with a warming flow through invigorating yoga postures.  The second half of class will guide your body to cool down and ease into more relaxing postures.  Blocks, blankets, and bolsters will be used during class.  Please feel free to use ours or bring your own.

Outdoor Gentle Yoga at the Commons

Grab your mat and meet us for an outdoor yoga class at the New Lenox Village Commons. This class is a more gentle style of Vinyasa, and includes flow, balance, strength and breathing techniques. With the power of fresh air, this class will enhance your body's production of healthy white blood cells which, in turn, boosts your immune system. Fresh air encourages us to breathe deeply and that extra oxygen helps our brains function better and more clearly. Being outside in nature nourishes the soul and improves our mood






Learn how to meditate and cultivate inner peace through the heart and body connection. During this 60 min meditation session you will learn to recognize the state of unity and subtle rhythm occurring between the heart and mind and find joy in quietness.  This dedicated practice of meditation will gladly impact your mental, emotional and physical health, influence your resilience, improve your immune system and state of happiness. Your
stress levels will decrease and you will find balance in life, and experience higher levels of energy and more creativity.
Each session will be based on learning breathing techniques and one of mindfulness or kindness meditation, quiet meditation, heart and mind coherence meditation, and focused meditation. At the end of each session we will share the experience. 
This Meditation will be instructed by Ania.