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Class Descriptions

Peaceful Vinyasa

Become aware of breath as you connect it with movement, bringing yourself to the present moment. Moving through rounds of sun salutations as you flow from one pose to the next. We will increase our body temperature and pace of movement, while we ebb and flow with our breath before cooling down and ending in a well-deserved savasana. 


Fusion Vinyasa Flow

Treat yourself to this Fusion Vinyasa Flow class by combining light hand weights into the yoga poses and flows. With grace, challenge yourself and watch your practice grow as you gain strength, balance, flexibility, and the increased awareness of your pranayama (breath work). Variations and modifications will be given throughout the class so that all students can find their level of challenge and comfort. This class is a true blend of balance, strength, flexibility, grace, and spirituality. Class will end with a soothing Savasana deep relaxation.

Feel Good Flow & Meditation

This practice is a gentle and nurturing style of yoga that prioritizes relaxation, stress reduction, and overall well-being. This practice includes slow and fluid movements to rejuvenate and cultivate a sense of inner peace. You will unwind, release tension and quiet your mind. This is a therapeutic yoga experience that helps to uplift the spirit and enhance the overall sense of tranquility and balance.

Meditative Vinyasa Flow


Join us for this invigorating yoga flow class that focuses on marrying movement with breath to unite the physical body with the spiritual mind.  In this fluid moving meditation, we will flow from one pose to the next, incorporating peak poses, standing postures, bending poses and resting positions, all while focusing on the intention we have set for class. Everyone is encouraged to accept the beauty of our practice and where we are today as we all grow and learn together.  All are welcome - beginners are encouraged to take this class - variations for each pose will be offered. 


Yoga meets Pilates in this fun and empowering fitness style that will give you a complete workout in under 45 minutes. Yogalates blends the best of both worlds by balancing strength and flexibility work. This class combines balance, stamina, strength, flexibility and body awareness with Pilates techniques that improve posture, core strength, and stability. 

No pilates experience required.

Gentle Flow

Gentle Flow Yoga is geared specifically for those new to yoga or those who are interested in a gentle practice. This class incorporates simple flowing sequences to warm up the body, as well as slower paced movements focusing on alignment, strength, balance, and flexibility.

Rise & Align

This gentle slow flow class is a slower paced practice that links breathe to movement to awaken and restore the body.  This class aims to enhance your physical, mental and emotional well being while celebrating all body types, levels and abilities. This class will calm the body and clear the mind.

Fluidity Flow 

Fluidity flow An all levels yoga class focused on moving through class with the flow of energy while blending static and dynamic postures. This class will incorporate the 8 limbs of yoga with the option of reiki or a massage during savasana.


Mat Pilates Fusion 

This 45 min class is a fusion of Pilates movements and various styles of yoga to lengthen and strengthen the muscles while improving balance, core strength and mental wellbeing. No Pilates experience required. You will work slowly and mindfully in this practice to lengthen and strengthen the muscles of the whole body and challenge your mental focus.  Props are provided for this class - blocks/Pilates ball.




Candlelight Restorative Bliss

This candlelight class is all about self-care.  Maximum relaxation with minimum effort is the goal.  Poses (asanas) are held for 5-7 minutes to allow your body to completely release any stress or tightness being held.  You are encouraged to focus on your breath and still your mind as your central nervous system down regulates into pure BLISS.  During your final savasana, waves of sound will cascade over your already relaxed body.  Props will be provided for your comfort.



Deep Stretch & Relaxation 


This 60 minute class provides deep stretching to release stress or tension that is trapped in your body.  The poses (asanas) are held for 3-5 minutes.  The longer poses are held, the more benefits you receive.  After creating space in your body, it is time to relax.  Holding restorative asanas for 5-7 minutes allows your body to completely release and your mind to unwind.  This is your time and it is all about your comfort.  Essential oils are included in this offering, as well as any props you may need.  All you need to bring is YOU!


Rise & Shine Vinyasa

The sunrise brings energy to the body and rejuvenates the the nervous system.  Wake up your body with stretches, sun salutations and the flow of the morning.  "Kicking off the day" with a yoga class gets the neurons firing, endorphins flowing, and brings your attention to the here and now.  Embrace the sunrise and feel your body mind awaken.  This class will have you ready to take on the day happy and refreshed.


Refreshing Meditation with Sound Bath


This class begins with gentle, slow movements to get your body warmed up.  Once warmed up, you are encouraged to find a comfortable position, sitting or lying down.  A breath practice will be introduced, followed by a guided meditation to "get you out of your head."  Finally, a sound bath, including crystal singing bowls, chimes, gong and a rain stick will restore your body, mind, and soul.  This class offers a wonderful opportunity to refresh yourself.

Morning Movement & Inspiration


This class incorporates simple flowing sequences to warm up the body, as well as slower paced movements

focusing on alignment, strength, balance, and flexibility. By starting your day with yoga, you can relieve tension from the body, focus the mind, and go into your day with more positivity.  


Outdoor Gentle Yoga at the Commons

Grab your mat and meet us for an outdoor yoga class at the New Lenox Village Commons.  This class is a gentle style of Vinyasa, and includes flow, balance, strength and breathing techniques.  With the power of fresh air, this class will enhance your body's production of healthy white blood cells which, in turn, boosts boosts your immune system. Fresh air encourages us to breathe deeply and that extra oxygen helps our brains function better and more clearly. Being outside in nature nourishes the soul and improves our mood.



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