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Ear Candling

Ear Candling (also known as Ear Coning), is a simple, effective method for removing ear wax build-up, fungus, yeast, and pollen from within the ear canal.  The process can also regulate ear and sinus pressure, assist with post nasal drip, sinusitis, itchy ears, migraines, and restoration of equilibrium.
A hollow candle that tapers at one end fits into the ear. The other end when lighted draws oxygen from the flame and creates a vacuum. This has the effect of pulling out residue, cleansing, and detoxing the ears.
Ear Candling was a technique used by the ancient Egyptians, Mayans, Indians and Tibetans. It is a safe and pleasant alternative to traditional treatments of removing extra wax in the ears. Ear candling is soothing and relaxing.

Ear candling can help with…
Sinus Congestion
Ear wax
Tension Headaches
Common Colds
Pressure in the ear
Relieve vertigo

Is ear candling for everyone?
~ No! You should not have ear candling performed if you have any damage to the eardrum, ear tubes, congenital hearing loss, a current ear infection, or recent surgical procedures to the ear. 

Will ear candling cure an ear infection?
~ Ear candling is a preventative measure intended to help keep your ears healthy.  If you suspect that you have an inner ear infection, we recommend that you see your doctor. Ear candling is not intended to replace medical treatment and can be dangerous on un-healthy ears.

What can I expect after an ear candling session?
~ You may feel a bit of pressure in your ears for a short time following a session. This is normal. It is also recommended that you not fly or get fluid in your ears for 24 hours after a candling session.
How often should I have ear candling done?
~ It’s good to do the procedure two to four times a year. If you feel like you may be coming down with a cold you should ear candle right away! This aids the immune system in healing.
Is ear candling painful?
~Not at all; in fact, many report the experience is surprisingly relaxing and soothing. You may hear crackling and popping sounds during your session - this is normal, and not uncomfortable.

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