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Yoga Instructor

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Yoga Instructor

Mandy is a 500 hour registered yoga instructor and has been practicing vinyasa yoga for 15 years. She has a bachelor's and a master's in biology, and has additional training in trauma informed yoga, yin yoga, and sound healing. Her classes combine playful sequencing, lighthearted spirit, all built upon a strong understanding of anatomy and alignment to help students deepen their practice. Her workshops tie together foundational elements of yoga theory and philosophy with practical hands-on alignment and anatomy experience so students feel confident in their knowledge and abilities on the mat. When she not on her mat, Mandy enjoys wine tasting with her husband, spending time with their pup in their backyard by the water, and reading The Lord of Rings for the hundredth time. 

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Yoga Instructor

Katie is a 500 hour certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher with over 10 years of experience. Her classes focus on an elevated intention, moving mindfully through a series of postures linked with the breath, and releasing blockages in the body. With inspiring music playing and Katie guiding your breath and movement, you may find your asana practice becoming more of a moving meditation than a physical exercise. In addition to group yoga classes, Katie also plays harmonium with mantras and has her own line of natural body care products. In a deep desire to share the healing powers of yoga, she continues to pass on the teachings that have been passed on to her. 



Yoga Instructor

At a glance, Yoga is the Sanskrit word for Union. Yoga was not in Peter's life then suddenly there. Yoga had no place, then he arrived in one. A rigorous narrative would detail each great change from Yoga and apply thanks. As a student and instructor, Yoga seeds rewards. The Body benefits with strength, grace, and reserve. The Brain sharpens with effort, performance, and result. The Mind harnesses connection, resolve, and Self. Peace enters through every respiration. An individual grows and so to does a community. At a glance, Yoga is for everyone, join!

yoga instructor


Yoga Instructor

Connie believes in the healing power of yoga – one breath, one moment at a time.

Her journey began in 2001 when she walked into her very first yoga class, seeking a physical practice for flexibility and strength.  As a former dancer, she brought a movement based energy to the mat with her.  Little did she know that yoga is not a workout – it’s a work in – and she quickly fell in love with the spiritual side of the practice.  Struggling with the demands and expectations of life, she found herself turning to the mat more consistently.  It was there that she was able to let go of tension and stress - physically, mentally, and emotionally.  She would leave practice feeling lighter and more joyful. Her love for the practice and her passion for helping others led her to complete her 200 hour yoga teacher training through Life Power Yoga, and to complete additional certifications in restorative yoga, yin/restorative aerial yoga, and level 1 reiki energy healing. Yoga has taught her to trust and accept herself exactly as she is, perfectly imperfect, and to see herself and others with only love.  Connie is so grateful to be a part of the yoga community, and is looking forward to sharing space with you.  Namaste.



Yoga Instructor

Kyleigh has been teaching yoga for over two years after receiving her certificate in Costa Rica with Soma Yoga Institute in 2018. Kyleigh’s passion for teaching yoga and healing arts stems from the build of her own personal transformation through practicing concepts of yoga such as breath-work, alignment, and meditation. Beyond that, she strives to help others believe in themselves and their loving powers by making the greatest connection we can make within ourselves between mind and body. Yoga can help heal you, but Kyleigh believes that you are your greatest healer and she wants to show you. “ (Photo Coming Soon.)



Yoga Instructor

Olga's yoga life started years ago in her early 20's.  At that time her daily life consisted of constant struggle with eating disorders and multiple autoimmune diseases.  She found the door back into a positive life when she walked into a yoga teaching institute.  Her first ashtanga practice was 2 hours of a natural positive experience, and that day changed the rest of her life.  She now dedicates her life to teaching, learning and growing through her yoga practice.  She is a 500 CYT (certified yoga teacher) in Hatha and vinyasa yoga, and is currently completing a 500 CYT in Kundalini yoga.  She also has certifications in prenatal yoga and Bhakti yoga.



Yoga Instructor

As an educator and a lifelong learner, Titi uses yoga as a vehicle to continue to discover and better herself so that she can better serve others. She has her Bachelor's in Natural Sciences and a Master's with a teaching certification in Early Childhood Education. She received her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Amara Yoga & Arts in Urbana, IL and also has additional certifications in restorative yoga and yoga nidra. Titi found her way into yoga at the beginning of high school through vinyasa flows and recently began to discover the importance of moving inward. She recognizes the importance of balancing movement (vinyasa) with rest (meditation). She roots her classes in compassion and sending loving-kindness to oneself and to others. She recognizes the importance of each individual’s journey and strives to create a safe and playful space for students to discover themselves, let go, and love! She enjoys teaching first-time yoga students and lifelong students with an emphasis on alignment and awareness of breath. Titi fills her classes with positivity, smiles, and laughter. She strives to bring yoga to all and hopes that students leave her classes feeling centered with a better understanding of themselves, walking away in their most authentic identity.

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