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Yin + Restore


Yin is a passive, deep-stretching practice that allows more time for the body to settle into awareness and alignment. Yin is associated with the earth’s qualities like rootedness, patience, and stability. In this class, we will move through a series of Yin postures that will help us learn about our bodies and center us in the present. On the latter half of class, we will restore through even more passive and calming postures and end with a meditative Savasana. Each sequence or class will offer a different message within the philosophy of Yoga, and will guide you back to your life force energy or the breath. 


Energy in Motion Flow


This class will be an hour of movement linked with breath similar to Vinyasa flow. Yoga is also known as moving meditation, and this class will be just that as you are graciously guided through your practice. This class will allow you to take your time through your postures, pause in your loving awareness, and send yourself energy by expressing yourself through mindful movements and gestures. Sequences will be different each time and each experience will offer you something different energetically. Creative movement or dance will be encouraged as we create energy in motion in this class. You will experience Yoga through different philosophical and spiritual perceptions, alignment, flow, and breath work. You will experience yourself as you are in a warm, loving space. Come and show yourself gratitude and practice being here and being your energetic yourself. 


Easy Flow


Exploring the movement of the body warming up slow and building a strong but gentle flow during the class. pranayama practice will be added in every single class.



Mondays & Tuesdays

Come into your breath and your body as we seamlessly flow through our vinyasa practice at YogaFace & Body Spa in New Lenox. Flow through Sun Salutations and balance sequences while incorporating breath work and sound healing to energize the body, increase flexibility, build strength, and manage stress.


Restorative Healing Yoga

Tuesdays & Thursdays

This class is about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. During the long holds of restorative yoga your muscles are allowed to relax deeply with the use of props, like bolsters, blocks, and blankets to help support your body. This class is healing and soothing to the soul. You will leave this class feeling calm and relaxed.

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Sunrise Yoga


Join the early Sun Rays to seek a space of peace and fortitude. Breathe to begin the Day. Stretch with intention to last through the Day. Strengthen and rise with purpose to establish a core and foundation to the Day.




We will begin with invigorating vinyasa flow sequences to strengthen and warm your body, then transition into deeper stretching and yin postures to calm your body and mind down. The perfect connection of yin and yang to bring you back to a blissful balance.


Yin Yoga


Yin Yoga is a slower and more meditative practice intended to tune you into your body and your mind. While holding poses for several minutes, your connective tissues have the opportunity to stretch and you are able to go much deeper into a pose. This class is great for reducing stress and may be a better option for those with injuries.


Sound Meditation

Fridays & Saturdays

Lay back, relax, and allow the sounds of the crystal singing bowls to wash over you in this 45 minute sound meditation. The powerful force of crystal singing bowls stir the senses, helping you move beyond the physical practice and tune into the deepest whispers of the soul. The bowls work to project sound into our being, restoring us back into healthy harmonic patterns. Every atom, molecule, cell, gland, and organ of the body absorbs the sound and is realigned. During this session, the entire body and mind will enter into a more relaxed and peaceful state of being. Come feel what it is like to have every cell of the body respond to the enchanting tones that are produced around you and feel your stress melting away.


Rock Your Asana


It's Friday night and it's a yoga party in the studio! Rock Your Asana marries uplifting rock music and vinyasa. You’ll move your body through yoga poses, all the while accompanied by a soundtrack of some of the greatest musical creations of our time. Get ready to Rock, Roll, and Release! 


Hot Detox Yoga


Join us for a hot class with mindfully sequenced poses that will detox, strengthen, and boost your immunity!

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